Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Shearing Machine
Product Details :

Salient Features:

  • Optimum shearing condition by variable rank angle.
  • Rapid blade clearance adjustment by livers.
  • Hydraulic hold down to avoid slippage of sheets.

Standard Accessories:

  • Varialble rake angle adjustment with selector switch.
  • Hydraulic hold downs rapid blade clearance adjustment.
  • Front operator control box.
  • Moovable foot switch.
  • Four edge interchangeable shear blade.
  • Operation and maintenance manual book.



Electrical Control Panel :

The Electrical Control Panel is located on the Left Hand Side of the machine. It is assembled from the internationally reputed parts for consistent performance, reliability and availability, if needed to be replaced. It is wired Cleanly and Labelled/Ferruled properly as per the international practices to help easily locate any fault and replace components conveniently.

Rake Angle (Cutting Angle) Adjustment :

Cutting Angle of the Blade is Electro hydraulic adjusted with Push Buttons with Indicator lights on the Operator Console. The Cutting Angle Adjustment helps to achieve, Cutting Variety of Material and thicknesses without twist and distortion.

Clearance Setting (Blade Gap) Arrangement :

The Shears are equipped with Levers calibrated in thickness on both sides of the machine to adjust the clearance between top and bottom blade according the sheet/plate thickness.

The setting can be done swiftly and quickly without use of filler gauge involving without use of filler gauges involving cumbersome procedure and difficuly. The use of correct blade gap ensures burr free cutting results and improves blade life considerably.