CNC Synchro Press Brake Machine

CNC Synchro Press Brake Machine

CNC Press Brake Machine
Product Details :

Standard Accessories

  • CNC Controller - Delem / Cybelec Make.
  • AC Servo Backgauge with dual ball screw drive (Rang 0-600mm).
  • Machine complete with all electrical & Hydraulic safeties.
  • Punch adaptor and 2 Nos pedestals with flip-up fingers.
  • 2 Nos. Front support arms.
  • Die adaptor for 2V Die.
  • Foot pedal.
  • Side & Rear guard for safety compliances.

Optional Accessories:

  • Anti deflection system (Manual/Automatic).
  • Hydraulic Clamping.
  • Tooling as per customer application requirements.
  • Additional back gauge as per customer requirements.


Design and Salient Features:

  • Easy to operate and use of CNC System with large bending option and tooling library.
  • Synchronized bending reference is the key design of CNC Press Brake.
  • The body structure of CNC Press Brake is rigidly welded, stress less even under maximum load.
  • Best for complex bending and volume of production.
  • The accuracy level while bending is higher than conventional Press Brake Machine.
  • Synchronized with Y1, Y2, Axis, Linear Scales for stroke measurement up to 0.01mm, PLC(Programmable Logic Control), Servo Drive, Power Pack, High Pressure internal gear pump, imported cable with connector, etc..
  • Control of AC Servo Back Gauge through this CNC system.
  • CNC Press Brake painted with high chromed for longer life.
  • For emergency stop footswitch is also available.
  • Top tool of CNC Press Brake Machine divided into various Gooseneck punches.
  • Bottom tool of CNC Press Brake Machine designed with 4 V-Die.